6 Pieces of Advice For Graduates

These are things you as a graduate or newbie need to remind yourself when you leave University. Keep these four words in mind “Be positive, principled, proactive, and productive.” – Rakesh N.

  • Discover yourself
  • Be open to change
  • Keep moving forward
  • Learn from everything
  • Make connections
  • Be patient

Keep these notes in your head, when you graduate, even once you have started in the work space. Take the time to discover yourself and really see what you want, don’t feel pressured to rush into things. Just because you studied a specific field, it does not mean that is necessarily what you have to do career wise, be open to trying new opportunities/change you might just surprise yourself.

The only way you should be moving is forward, never let any circumstances change your goals. You should be learning something new everyday, if you are not learning you are possibly repeating your mistakes or not communicating in a manner that allows you to learn and or grow.

Involve yourself where you are able to, talk to people tell them your interest and what you are busy with. This enables you with possible great job opportunities you might not have had before. Don’t be shy to network and make connections. Everything has its own timing and most of the time its not on our own. Being patient doesn’t mean not doing anything it means being persistent and knowing that the right opportunity is coming for YOU.