5 Tips To Turning Your Internship Into A Permanent Position

Many students try to get internships/vac work during their Varsity holidays in order to gain experience for the work world. But holidays are not always long enough and companies struggle to accept students to come in for short periods of time because of a lack of resources.

We have provided you with the hot list of internship locations, now is the time for you to secure them permanently. This is how:

  • Go to free seminars/conferences and market yourself to people in your industry. Connect and find available opportunities they might have. This can enhance your knowledge and give you an opportunity to be in the room with the right people. Linkedin is also a great tool to do this if you’re struggling to get access to relevant seminars.
  • Be up to date with research in the fields you have an interest in. Varsity teaches you how to conduct research and finding the latest and most relevant literature in your industry. Continue to use this skill to stay atop of the most recent developments within your industry and related industries. Furthermore, research in depth the role that you want to take in the business, so that you know exactly what you want to do or that is expected from you. This is to prevent insecurity and being overwhelmed.
  • Take time to learn the work culture. Learning what the values of the company are and how the people within the organisations relate to one another. You need to quickly find out and understand what is expected from you, and aim to exceed expectations from day 1.
  • Put your hand up, offer to get involved in doing more than your expected job role. Find out how you can get involved with what others are doing. This allows you to shine from a different level and people can see that you are committed to learning about more than just your expected role.
  • Be yourself and be consistent. Nobody wants to be around people that are fake as this can affect the work chemistry significantly.

These are just some of the things that make you unique and stand out from your colleagues around you.

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